Lesson Plan : Parts of the story

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 Language Arts

  We will study the parts of the story
  Parts of the story are beginning, middle and end of the story. We find the beginning when the story starts in the book it mentions the characters, middle the story get very interesting and in the end the story will end with a solution to the problem or dilemma in the story
  The student will be able to classified the parts of the story. Student can explain each one of them. They will find each one of them in a worksheet. They understand why is important to have a sequence of events.
  Every student will be engage into this lesson.Will follow the rules about how to take turns.
  Book, worksheets, elmo or smart board, PowerPoint with parts of the story.
  First I will turn in the elmo or smart board and put the pictures or book about any story, I will give the title.
  I will read the story and make emphasis in the characters of the story, what is first, the middle and end.I will put the scramble pictures in the elmo so the students can put them in order beginning, middle and end of the story. I will help them describe each character in the story. I will give feedback in each mistake made by them.
  Putting correct the sequence of the pictures. What is the solution of the problem.
  Try to help the lowers students by repetition of the events. Define for them each one of this parts.
Checking For Understanding:
  Ask questions about the book. Ask them to decided where each part is belongs to.
  Each students will be engage in this process of leaning and teaching.(Students helping other students)
  I will be evaluating the different worksheets that I give them.
Teacher Reflections:

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