Lesson Plan : Jump, Frog, Jump

Teacher Name:
 Janora Crow

 PHONICS- Letter F
 Preschool activities to increase letter F recognition, to increase identification of uppercase and lower F and the initial F sound.
 Students will recognize the upper letter F. Students will recognize the lowercase letter F. Students will match uppercase and lowercase F's.
 In a "making sense" activity start a think aloud activity about why helping their children learn their letters at the correct time is important. Record their responses on chart paper. Enlist one of the parents to scribe. Explain the letter we are focusing on for our Jump, Frog, Jump ILA is the letter F.
 On chart paper clearly write Upper and Lowercase F and discuss for ELL parents the difference and when generally we use each. Talk about the letter NAME. As part of clarifying(or introducing) parents to the sound the letter makes, have a staff person overdamatize the sound with "f" words- fabulous, fantastic, foot, family, etc. Have pictures and/or the word to go along with the words demonstrated. Be sure to include some upper and lower case words and have parents identify which is which.
 Have parents do a "shoulder-to-shoulder" exercise and come up with as many "f" words as they can in a minute or two. Have pairs share back their lists with the group.
 By allowing parents to create their own teaching game for children (with guidance), they use their insights of their children's interest and strength to make the activities more meaningful. We will provide a variety of materials for parents to use to create the games as well as some ideas just in case they become stumped.
Checking For Understanding:
 After groups are finished, we will come back together and share each activity and how it is intended to be used during the ILA and review the phonics skills we are looking to help develop or reinforce.
 Thank parents for the work they did and explain for new parents how ILA operates, why it is important and the parents role in making learning fun and meaningful.
 Through staff observation will note who at the beginning of the lesson was having problems with the "F" sound and the letter. Half of our parents are ELL so not all know the sounds our English letters make.
Teacher Reflections:

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