Lesson Plan : Expository Writing In Context

Teacher Name:
 Miss. Edwards
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Writing An Exposition
 Write an exposition after reading the global warming booklet about ways that we can save the environment, why this is happening, or why we should help.
 We will have a competition to see who is the most persuasive and we will have 3 people read their stories at the assembly on Wednesday.
 I would like everyone to behave well and be quiet and we have to work diligently so that we can get these done by Wednesday.
 Write an exposition on one of the following: 1. Ways to stop global warming 2. What is causing global warming 3. Why we need to stop it
 Read the global warming booklet to the class and do a thinking sheet and then have them choose a topic and write an exposition on one of the topics.
 We have done many expositions before and have to go over the setup and then we will proofread and type it out.
 We will need a pen or pencil and wee can then, when finished, do a read aloud and then we will vote on the 3 or 4 best ones and they will read them at the assembly on Wednesday.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will mark these based on setup, facts, wellness of writing and editing.
 We will do a short project on global warming and saving the environment as a class.
 I will mark based on wellness of written work, editing, facts, speech, and setup.
Teacher Reflections:

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