Lesson Plan : Comprehension/Understanding

Teacher Name:
 Denise Varela
 Language Arts

 Understanding of the Components of Literacy through the connection of spoken and written language.
 Children will make the literacy connection of spoken and written language by reading books, retelling stories, sequencing and recreating a book using their own experiences. Vocabulary: parts of a book, chartacters, new words within the story.
 The learner will be able to demonstrate an understanding of books and print by identifying title, author, illustrator, characters and sequence of a story. They will be able to orally retell the story by holding the book correctly, turn pages, sequence and know specific words related to the book. They will transfer what they learned into their own words and illustrations.
 The students will: *listen to a story *identify parts of a book *increase vocabulary/language through use of new words *demonstrate knowledge of print by turning pages of book *identify characters of the book *act out the book with peers *create their own book following the model of the chosen book
 Brown Bear, Brown Bear by Bill Martin Puppets Art supplies, scissors
 Students intrest will be sparked by presenting a bear puppet. The puppet will look around ansd focus on certain objects or people. Children will be asked to guess what they think the bear is looking at. Individual children will be allowed to manipulate the puppet. Once this activityis completed the book, Brown Bear, Brown Bear will be preswented.
 Before the book is read the parts of the book (front, back, spine) title, author and illustrator will be reviewed. The book will first be read without interuption. The book will be reread to include stopping for any explanation of unfamiliar vocabulary. At the conclusion we will discussion the events of the story and have the children recall the sequence.will
 Class will be presented with puppets that coincide with the characters of the book. As I read and one student helps turn the pages the student with the appropriate puppet will stand up and fish the sentence as to what animal he sees (eg:I see a red bird looking at me). Puppets and the book will then be placed in an activity center where the students can recreate the story themselves.
 Students with special needs will be assisted with participating in activities as needed (hand over hand to hold puppet, assistance with cutting etc.)
Checking For Understanding:
 Children will anticipate the next character as the page of the book is turned. Children will retell the story in sequence Children will suggest other variables as for what can be seen.
 Students will tell about the picture they created for the class book and once the book has been put together the children will rea it aloud together.
 Students will be evaluated by noting their ability to recall the story, use vocabulary and their understanding of how a new book can be created by changing characters.
Teacher Reflections:
 This is a good lesson to help children understand the connection between oral and written words and that words tell a sequential story. It allows them to act out through the use of puppets and to be imaginative by creating their own characters. It is also a great lesson for reinforcing colors, sequence and rhyme.

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