Lesson Plan : Vivid Verbs and Adjectives

Teacher Name:
 Luke Goddard
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Teaching students how to incorporate vivid verbs and descriptive adjectives into their writing. More specifically, teaching students the importance of these elements in writing a strong narrative.
 The content includes choosing vivid verbs and adding descriptive adjectives.
 Students should be able to demonstrate an understanding of the importance of incorporating vivid verbs and descriptive adjectives in their narratives.The students should be able to show competence in improving simple sentences by adding more descriptive language.
 The students should be able to recognize the difference between simple stories and stories with descriptive language. The students should be able to locate which nouns could have adjectives added to them. The students should be able to replace non-descriptive verbs with more vivid verbs.
 A handout will be given that contains a brief narrative paragraph with no descriptive language for the purpose of having the students further develop the narrative with more descriptive language.
 Introduce the idea of using descriptive words to make a narrative more interesting. Afterwards, read two similar narrative paragraphs to introduce the difference between a descriptive narrative and a simple one.
 Discuss the differences between the two paragraphs, and then, ask for the students input. Allow students to practice adding descriptive language through examples on the white board.
 Students will divide into groups. All of the groups will be given a simple narrative with the task of making it more descriptive. The groups will be encouraged to work together to add vivid verbs and descriptive adjectives to the narrative. Allow the students about ten minutes to complete this activity. Allow the students to share their developed paragraphs with the class.
Checking For Understanding:
 During the practice activity, the instructor will walk around and observe the students work. The instructor will help guide the students in the correct direction and ask them questions that will ensure they are understanding the concept.
 After the students read their narratives, allow for discussion about the differences between them. Talk about how different descriptions can make things seem different. Encourage students to work on adding more descriptive adjectives and verbs to their narrative projects.
 The activity during class and the narrative projects will function as the form of evaluation for this skill.
Teacher Reflections:

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