Lesson Plan : A Special Occasion

Teacher Name:
 Linda Schaffner
 Grade 2
 Language Arts

 Writing a story with a beginning, a middle and an end.
 Students will write a story about a Special Occasion. Vocabulary: beginning, middle, end
 Students will write a story about a Special Occasion, then illustrate it and create a script for the final project which will be a PhotoSory movie.
 Students will work with sequence cards and learn how to put the picture stories in order of beginning, middle and end. Students will use 5-6 5x7 note cards to illustrate a special occasion. They will have 1 beginning card, 3 middle cards, and one end card. Students will follow a guide that will help them write their story. Students will write a script to record in PhotoStory that goes along with their pictures and written story.
 Sequence cards, 5-6 5x7 note cards, crayons, pencil, writing paper, digital cameras or scanner, PhotoStory loaded on computers.
 Everyone has experienced a special occasion that was the highlight of their year, day etc. It might be a birthday party, a trip, getting a special present at Christmas, or a special visit from someone special. We are going to write about that event, draw pictures and make a movie on the computer.
 1. Discuss sequencing and stories having a beginning, middle and end. Hand out the sequencing cards and have students put them in order. 2. After students have decided on what special occasion they will write about, hand out the writing guide have the students write the main idea of each paragraph on the guide. Paying attention to beginning, middle and end.
 3. After the story is written, then hand out 5-6 5x7 note cards or half of 8x10 sheets of paper. Discuss how authors of stories illustrate them. Encourage students to plan their pictures according to their story. Crayons give a much richer feel to pictues than markers. Encourage students to fill all of the white space with color.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will use a rubric and a progress chart to keep students on task.
Teacher Reflections:

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