Lesson Plan : BEG ESL

Teacher Name:
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Classroom words and actions (EDITED)
 Vocabulary involving key classroom words
 Students will be able to identify important objects in the classroom. They will also be able to understand "common" directions given to them in the classroom. Students will be able to ask permission to leave the classroom
 Given a set of pictures of objects in the classroom, the students will match the picture to the object by placing the picture next to the object. After listening to a direction given by the teacher, the student will follow that direction by correctly completing the action.
 Oxford Picture Dictionaries index cards markers
 Through questioning I will establish students' background knowledge of classroom vocabulary. I will establish students prior knowledge of common classroom directions (please take out a pencil.....)
 Using the picture dictionary as a reference I will model the appropriate actions. Students will use their own dictionaries to follow along. As students become comfortable, they can model the appropriate actions as they say each word.
 Students will repeat the vocabulary after me while looking at the picture,or the actual object. Students will work with a partner- asking each other questions about the classroom and giving each other instructions (in English!)
 Intermediate students in the classroom will be given extended work on the computer. They will work with an interactive literature book to offer more challenge.
Checking For Understanding:
 Listen to the children pronounce the vocabulary. Ask the students to "act out" the given instructions.
 Review the vocabulary words. Assign practice work at home. Have parents work with their children and respond to the teacher about progress they see at home. Post vocabulary on a bulletin board and review these words at the end of the class.
 Teacher will observe the progress of the students as they practice independently and observing each response to questions in class. Teacher will check homework for completion and accuracy.
Teacher Reflections:
 Do I feel that the students followed directions more clearly at the end of the class? What else can I do to give students practice in learning words for objects that are common in the classroom? What worked well today?

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