Lesson Plan : Wondrous Words

Teacher Name:
 Laura Zagar
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Students will learn new vocabulary and understand that words may have more than one definition.
 Students will use the Wondrous Words to create their own sentences. The sentences they create must use the Wondrous Words in the same way they were used in the sentences they were found in, (same definition).
 Short story picture book, white board with eraseable marker, three post it notes per student, pencils, Wonderous Words graphic organizer (one per student), dictionaries (one per student).
 Discuss Wondrous Words from the prior week. Introduce the picture book for this week, discuss author and illistrator. Predict what the story might be about. Remind students to listen for words they do not understand as the story is being read aloud and to write those words the best as they can on one of the post it notes.
 Begin to read the story aloud, show pictures as the story is being read. After reading the story, discuss what it was about and if any of the predictions were right. Explain to the students that the words they wrote down will now be listed on the white board. Ask students to share the words they wrote on their post it notes and teacher will write them on the white board. After all the words are recorded explain to the students that they will now use the other two post it notes to record the two words they want to learn about the most. Once the students have them recorded call them up by groups to post their tabs next to the words they chose. Take a count to see which two words received the most votes and those two are the new Wondrous Words. Find the two words in the story and write the sentences they were found in on the white board.
 Hand out graphic organizers. Walk the students through writing down the two Wondrous Words in the appropriate boxes and also the sentences they were found in in the appropriate boxes. Next, discuss with the class one sentence at a time and what words within the sentence may be context clues that could help them figure out the meaning of the words. Write the context clues on the board and have the students write them in the appropriate box on the graphic organizer. Next, use the pages the words were found on and walk around showing them the pictures that are on those pages. Ask the students if there are any picture clues that might help them figure out the meaning of the words. Write the clues they give you on the board and instruct them to copy them in the proper box on the organizer. Lastly, explain to the students that they need to use the clues and the sentences we discussed to guess what they think each word means and write down their guess in the "My meaning guess" box on the organizer.
 Students with low reading levels will be given the opportunity to work in a small group with one of the two teachers in the classroom to help them find the word and proper definition in the dictinary. Definitions will be discussed and the students must verbalize which one they think is correct.
Checking For Understanding:
 The last two boxes of the graphic organizer, "My sentence" and "My picture" will be checked for accuracy and understanding of the vocabulary. Students must use the word in a sentence of their own that clearly states the meaning of the word, and then they will be required to explain to the teacher what their picture is of and how it is related to the new vocabulary word.
 As a whole group we will again discuss the two Wondrous Words and the students will then have the opportunity to share with the class the sentences they constructed.
Teacher Reflections:

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