Lesson Plan : Starting Language Arts Class

Teacher Name:
 Montana Collard M. Ed.
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 First Weeks Introductions,rules for classroom, assignments, goals, and grading.
 Introduce new L.A. books, 6 traits writing approach, outlining books, intermediate and advanced. Assign reading materials for first nine weeks. Give all students syllabus of required work for first nine weeks, review rubrics.
 Students will understand the expectations for their behavior and the expectations that I have for this years Language Arts, Reading, and Native Literature classes. Students will be required after being shown "how" to present papers, how they will be typed, or written (cursive only, skip lines, headings). Students will be expected to write daily on current affairs or occurences happening within the community or school in a folder that will be taken up on the 7th week of each quarter for grading. Students will also be made aware of the need to be an active participant in the classroom,as a grade will be given weekly for participation. Teams will be created for evaluations by the entire class with Rubrics.
 Students will be shown "how to" sign in and out of classroom when needing to go to restroom, office, or other reasons so as not to interupt the learning environment. Students who do not follow classroom rules will be given one warning, continuous problems will be dealt with as per. school rules in School handbook. Students are expected to follow posted classroom rules, sign contract with teacher as to what the rules and consequences are in the classroom. Students will be informed as to the fact that NO Late Homework will be accepted without having an excused absence signed by Manuelita.
 Students will receive texts, reading materials, and learn "how to" take notes and investigate other technological teaching medias.
 Teacher will introduce the positive and negatives of classroom behavior, assignments and expectations.
 Students will write down all classroom rules. Students will be introduced to using their agendas to write down all assignments and due dates. A grade for each 9weeks will be taken for the use of the Agenda. Teacher will model "how to" set up assignments, daily news journaling, spelling, vocabulary, reading assignments, and dictionary skills.
 Daily class work will be posted, reviewed and evaluated in a guided and monitored activity for the first two weeks.
 Special Accommodations will be made for students with IEP's that require special educational accommodations.
Checking For Understanding:
 Class evaluation via Rubrics will give each student a weekly grade evaluated by teams created in the classroom.
 Class discussion at the end of second week as to the ease at which students are able to manage their assignments with the introduction, requirements and "how to" guidance of teacher to student.
 The measure of progress use to evaluate the success of the first two weeks academic introductions and expectations will be made with a test that will be given on August 27th.
Teacher Reflections:

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