Lesson Plan : I See Shapes

Teacher Name:
 A. Arcangel
 Grade 5

 Identifying Geometric Shapes and Using Them as Descriptors
 This lesson is intended to introduce newcomer ELLs to geometric shapes that play a role in their daily life. Key vocabulary is: square, circle, rectangle, triangle
 TSW be able to identify a square, rectangle, triangle, and circle. TSW be able to recognize items whose shapes resemble each of the shapes. TSW be able to categorize everyday items by their shape. TSW write sentences to describe the shape of an object.
 Students will recognize and indicate when an object is square, rectangular, triangular or circular. They will separate the items into shape categories and describe their physical attributes.
 -"I See Shapes" by Marcia Fries -construction paper -magazines -scissors -glue sticks -markers
 Teacher will preview vocabulary by displaying a model of each shape and asking students whether they know what each shape is called. Students will practice identification and pronunciation of each shape before listening to the teacher read "I See Shapes" aloud.
 After listening to the story, students will again be asked to identify the different shapes and name them. Teacher will also display a poster with the shapes labeled on it.
 TSW be given several magazines and asked to cut out objects shaped like circles, squares, triangles and rectangles. They must categorize them and make a collage. They must also label each item in the collage.
 Since these students are newcomers and have a limited working knowledge of the English alphabet and its phonemes, the sentence starters are given to them and no variety is added. They are very repetitious so that the students will recognize that they only need to change the item and the shape to make a new sentence.
Checking For Understanding:
 The students are now asked to write some new sentences, following the same formula as in the sentence starters, to describe different objects in their collages. This allows the teacher to see the application of this new knowledge.
 TSW take turns presenting their collages to classmates and reading some of their sentences to describe the objects in the collage. In this exercise they will focus on pronunciation and it may be necessary for the teacher to assist them in articulating the words properly.
 Did the students correlate the items to the proper shapes? Did they choose objects independently and categorize them properly? Did the students transfer their knowledge from using the sentence starters to help them write new descriptive sentences?
Teacher Reflections:

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