Lesson Plan : Letter Writing

Teacher Name:
 MaDonna Sutherby
 Grade 7-8

 Block style letters, and narrative essays.
 The students will be writing a personal-business block style letter and a narrative essay. In the end the students will have ended up writing a chain letter to three of their relatives that they will have to pass on continuing the story from the narrative essay. The last family member with the essay after continuing the story will then send the essay back to the student, so the student can read the rest of the story to the class. The personal-business block style letter will be directions on what to do with the letter and who to send it to. This will be sent with the essay to the family members. The letter will also explain when the story has to be sent back to the school, each person will be given two or three days to send the essay on to the next person. All letters should be returned within two weeks.
 The students will learn how to write a letter the proper way. They will learn how to set up margins, spell check, headers etc. The narrative essay will be in MLA format teaching them how to write papers for future high school teachers.
 Learn how to write a block style letter. Learn how to write a narrative essay. Practice public speaking.
 A blank layout of a block style letter so they can hand write it in before typing. Envelopes for sending the letters. Stamps to go on the letters. Addresses of THREE family members they are sending their letters too. A grading rubric.
 Explain what a block letter is. Tell students that they are going to be writing a block style letter and a narrative essay that they will send to their relatives, also that this assignment will turn into a chain letter/story between them and their family.
 Sample letter Start sample essay
 Graphic organizer to organize Hand written letters Rough draft essay
 Special assistance-working with myself or a partner. Extra detailed guidelines.
Checking For Understanding:
 Accurate sentences. Letter set up correctly/spacing/addresses. Essay/spell check/margins/headers.
 Mail/receive letters/essays back. Students read story's to the class.
Teacher Reflections:

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