Lesson Plan : Writing Reviews

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 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Writing reviews on the School Production 'Ta - WOW - Wa' and our Novels, using Who, What, When, Why and How.
 Students will be able to: - Engage with and enjoy written language in all its varieties. - Understand, respond to, and use written language effectively in a range of contexts.
 Students will be working co-operatively and will participate in the classroom brainstorm of the success criteria and the brainstorm of the review content. Students will also begin writing their reviews and complete a first draft.
 A projector and laptop A whiteboard
 - Students will get out their draft books and head up today's date and the Learning Intention. - Inform student's that we will begin writing out own reviews today and that before we begin we need to look at our success criteria.
 - Show student's the rubric - S.C - Is there anything they can add to the S.C? - What will a 5 look like? - Discuss expectations: Inside voices, student's sitting in their desk, first draft completed. - Brainstorm with the students - Date, time, place ...
 - Ask students to now brainstorm their STEP ONE information - Then ask students to turn their brainstorm into full sentences, MODEL this.
 - Students could swap with a buddy and ask them to read over their draft, suggesting things they could add or adjust.
Checking For Understanding:
 - Students need to check that their reviews have all the What, Why, Who, How, When aspects. - Ask if any students would like to read their draft reviews out
 - Ask students to write a PMI in their draft books of one thing that they did well in their review, one thing that was interesting and one thing they could work on in the next lesson.
 - Walk around and make sure that students are on task - Check that students are writing in enough detail and about the correct things. - Check that students write AT LEAST one paragraph
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