Lesson Plan : A Tale to Astonish

Teacher Name:
 Mr. M. L. Anderson
 Grade 11-12
 Literature Activities

 The mysterious nature of Edgar Allen Poe: The first detective writer
 The short stories of Edgar Allen Poe that are detective stories include: The Purloined Letter, The Black Cat, Murders of the Rue Morgue, The fall of the House of Usher, and The Pit and The Pendulum and The Tell Tale Heart. These stories will need to be read before the assignment is completed.
 The students are to read the detective stories of Edgar Allen Poe and then use that knowledge to complete a WebQuest for a grade.
 This lesson plan follows the Ohio Academic content standards for 11th grade English Language Arts.
 The students will need the following to complete the activity: 1. Computer with accesses to the internet 2. pen or pencil 3. basic computer paper or notebook 4. Mass media storage device or flash drive 5. Printer hooked up to the computer 6. Copies of the works of Edgar Allen Poe 7. Tales to Astonish by Edgar Allen Poe
 At the beginning of the lesson, the students are introduced to the Edgar Allen Poe Literary unit with his life and times. Then, the students will be assigned the readings of Edgar Allen Poe which they will read out loud to the class a paragraph at a time and then the student will pick who will read next until all of the short stories are read. After each story is read, the educator will use the socratic method to clarify any misconceptions or focus ideas about the piece.
 Next, the students will receive a print out of the assignment they are to complete in groups of three or four. The groups are to be randomly chosen by giving the students envelopes with a piece of colored paper inside the envelope. The students open up their envelopes to reveal the piece of paper and match the same color paper with others who have the same color paper. As the groups get together, they should determine who will be the secretary of the group and who will be the speaker for the group.
 Then, the students start working on the Web quest and read it carefully to make sure they understand the assingment.
 The educator will need to reserve the Computer lab in advance to make sure the students have computers to complete the assignment or hava a computer in the room to work on the asignment. Packages of Loose leaf notebook paper will have to be purchased and flash drives made available to the students. Pen and pencils are also to be made available upon request.
Checking For Understanding:
 Using the grading rubric on the web quest, the educator determines how well the group understood the assignment and whether or not they followed the directions carfully.
 The students will turn in their results to the inbox at the corner of the educator's desk and take the next assignment from the
 The Web Quest has a grading rubric that is used to evaluate the groups progress.
Teacher Reflections:

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