Lesson Plan : Roll of Thunder Hear My Cry

Teacher Name:
 Jessica Estevis
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Students will read a novel while practicing reading elements.
 While reading the novel the learners will also have a vocabulary list: 1. glowered 2. conspiratorially 3. morosely 4. transposed 5. Knell 6. Emaciated 7. Pensively 8. Raucous 9. Sinewy 10. Formidable 11. Inaccessible 12. Caravan
 The goal in this class is to promote reading fluency, comprehension, and writing.
 The objective for this lesson is to read chapters 1-10. Learners will be placed in cooperative groups. Each group has a goal to read their assigned chapters and create a vocabulary project. Each group will try to get the definitions to the words by using the novel first. They will locate the word in the book and by using context clues they are to find the definition. Then after all words are looked up the learners may use the dictionary to see if the definitions they chose were correct. Learners will following with a cd. The students will also be given an opportunity to answer questions and discussing outcomes of the story. Vocabulary will be emphasized as well. Questions will be checked in class. We will have open discussion during class about the novel.
  Each group will have their own books at the same time they will also use one poster per group along with a cooperative learning box that carries art materials: markers, colors, pens, etc.
 The teacher will introduce the book by using a visualization technique. The teachers will ask the students to visualize how they think the 1930's were. They will also recieve an extensive background of the setting of the book. In addition, they will also create a thinking map to get to know the author of the book. We will make predictions and inferences through out lesson.
 The teacher will demonstrate and provide students with prior knowledge and background of the story and the era in which it takes place. We will also be discussing mood, theme, and flash backs. Students will be provided with an opportunity to read silently at home. They will be reading chapter 11.
  Each day of the week students will write a journal before they begin to read. The journal will based on the book. Journal # #1: What do you think the 1930's were like? #2: Have you ever been discriminated? Why? #3: Describe the characters that were introduced int he book. #4: How would you describe Cassie? Journals are to be 4-6 sentences long. #5 Draw a picture of the bus incident. #6 Describe the Logan school. #7 Compare and contrast Stacey and TJ using a thinking map. #8 List questions you may have for this story. Write as many as you can. #9 Compare Uncle Hammer and Cassie #10 Compare and contrast the food that is eaten in the story. How is it different from your dinner table. #11 Describe the Logan home. #12 Make a prediction for chapter 11.
 For accommodations the student will write less with less restrictions as possible so that the student may express themselves freely.
Checking For Understanding:
 Each week there will be a test to check for understanding and mastery for the week. The test will include vocabulary, comprehension, and short answers.
 At the end of each class the students will discuss what they have read and predict what will happen next.
Teacher Reflections:

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