Lesson Plan : Does the Media make us numb?

Teacher Name:
 Miss Hannah Leland
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 The Gospel �ccording to Larry
 Standards: 8.3.2 8.3.3 8.3.5 8.3.7 8.4.1 8.4.11
 1) I would like students to be able to begin to define who they are and where they fit in to their society. 2) I would like students to understand how the workings of the media influence our lives on a grander scale.
 1) Students will apply their knowledge of advertisement/media influence to their own lives. 2) Students will analyze a current work of music and connect it to The Gospel According to Larry. 3) Students will expand their vocabulary through the use of Vocabulary Lesson 30 and new words presented in their reading.
 "Numb" lyrics sheet, The Gospel According to Larry, pencil, paper, vocabulary book
 Students will answer the question "What word did Josh invent and what does it mean?" for bell work. Students will study Vocabulary Lesson 30.
 I will ask students what the quotes "People don't THINK." (p. 162) and "Idealism is just a phase" (p. 154) mean. What is this saying about our culture? Do you agree? Are people simply being lead around by whoever's message is the loudest? What do you think this says about how the media perceives its audience? What do they think about consumers? What does the word numb mean? What does desensitization mean? How do these terms relate to these ideas? Is this bad? (yes/no) Write down what you think. Explain. Students will then listen to and read the lyrics of "Numb" by U2. Explain music video. How is this song a anti-consumeristic anthem?
 What are some things that we are numb to in our current society? List 10 things. What are some things that you wish you were still shocked by? List as many as you can. We will make a list on the board.
 Playing the song is beneficial to musical learners. Reading the lyrics benefits visual and spacial learners. Kinesthetic learners will enjoy writing on the wipe board.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will evaluate understanding by checking their lists and their responses.
 This concludes our lesson for today. Tomorrow we will discuss Josh's ideas of contribution. Be sure to finish your reading for tomorrow.
 Students will be evaluated by their responses.
Teacher Reflections:

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