Lesson Plan : Jambo means Hello

Teacher Name:
 Mel Kutek
 Grade 5
 Literature Activities

 Reading Jambo means Hello and discussion of book
 Identify different uses for books Every alphabet is different. Every country and culture has different key or useful words.
 Students will be able to identify different ways of using books to help others learn. Students will be able to identify that word that are useful in some cultures may not be relevant in others. Students will recognise that not every language uses the same alphabet or pronunciation. Students will identify English words that will be useful to children who are new to Australia.
 Students will interact with the reading of the book. Students will contribute ideas on how books can be useful for learning. Students will participate in class discussion without calling out. (One person talks at a time and everyone contributes). Students will individually think of words that would be useful for newly arrived children.
 Jambo means Hello book, marker and paper students: pen and paper
 Why we are going to read the book and what the students need to be thinking about. (to make a class book that will help other children when they first arrive in Australia) Think about what words and descriptions are used in the book and would they be relevant in Australia.
 Read the book as a class (if everyone can see). Swahili speaking students demonstrate pronunciation for words.
 Discuss the sorts of words that were used. Would they be useful for telling new students in Australia? What sort of words would be useful to explain things to people who are new to Australia? What letters were missing in the book that we use in English? Does every alphabet have the same letters and pronunciations?
 Get Kuol and Aluel to start by just writing the alphabet with the capital letter and the small letter. Each letter on a new line.
Checking For Understanding:
 Ask if there are any questions. Move around the class to check that students have understood what they are meant to be doing and are successfully thinking of words.
 Tomorrow we will get together and put everyone's ideas together on a piece of paper. Make sure that you have tried to think of one word for each letter of the alphabet. If you haven't finished, do it for homework.
 Student participation in reading of the book and discussions demonstrates understanding. Contributions of students in discussions. Student independent work demonstrates understanding.
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