Lesson Plan : Pot of Gold

Teacher Name:
 Elicia Hebson
 Grade 3
 Language Arts

 Writing, Found Pot of Gold
 Information Sharing Structures � Round robin writing My children have trouble writing because they have such low level skills and they have great imaginations since they are a lot older. So if they do not have to write but can share their ideas and create a story that they can call their own.
 TEKS: 3rd Grade � 2(A) � 3(C,E) � 4(A,B) � 10(A,B) � 14(A,D) � 17(D) � 18(A,F)
 The children will be able to express thoughts and ideas into dictating a story aloud and build a cooperative environment with others in the group by building to story off of one another�s sentences.
 � Book �That�s What Leprechauns Do� by Eve Bunting � Paper � Computer typed sentences on separate pages � Drawing supplies
 Read the book �That�s What Leprechauns Do� and talk about this pot of gold and the celebration of St. Patrick�s Day. Ask a question about what they think is happening while reading the book.
 I will give a starting two sentences that start the story out: One day our class was taking a walk around the school when suddenly Mrs. Cardwell spotted a pot of gold in the grass. We all rushed over to it, and to our surprise no one had touched it.
 I will give them prompts about what has just happen and what they are going to do. Although I make sure that their ideas are ones that might actually happen, and try to keep off topic discussions to a minimum. I will continue to write the sentences down.
 Change wordings of sentences so that story flows, make sure what I write is ok with students before writing it.
Checking For Understanding:
 The next day have the sentences separated and typed on pages so that they can create a book. Have them draw and color pictures to go with their sentences and make sure that they match the sentence.
 Present the book to Mrs. Cardwell after I bind it for them and tell her about the book as well as read it to her.
 Their understanding of a page with a sentence or two on it and drawing a picture to relate to it. The overall presentation to their teacher as a surprise, and their confidence when giving it to her.
Teacher Reflections:
 I really liked this activity; it helped each child feel special about creating this book. They don�t get much of a chance to write much and they get frustrated easily so I thought that this way they still have ownership, but I am the one doing the writing. When they were drawing the pictures, it was really neat to see their creativity come to life, because they all did so well, it actually surprised me some. I think that this activity helped them become more confident in what they do as a class, and they were ecstatic about being able to give it to their teacher as a surprise when she came back after I held the class for a week and did this activity over a few days because of the drawing and coloring aspect.

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