Lesson Plan : Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss

Teacher Name:
 Sherri S. Davis
 Grade 2
 Literature Activities

 Dr. Seuss books
 Green Eggs and Ham, The Foot Book, The Cat in the Hat
 Students will become familiar with Dr. Seuss books, recognize rhyming words and make up their own rhymes.
 TLW create and illustrate a story then read with expression using rhyming words like the rhyming words in the books by Dr. Seuss.
 Laptop with LCD projection and internet capability, digital visualizer, CD player, copies of The Foot Book, Green Eggs and Ham and The Cat in the Hat, (CD of The Cat in the Hat read by Kelsey Grammar) paper and pencils, crayons, example of a rhyming story with Dr. Seuss like style, a teacher created template for fill in the blank rhyming words
 The students will arrive in the Media Center to see the illustrations from the Seussville web site displayed on a large screen. A table filled with Dr. Seuss books arranged around a cat in the hat hat will be set up for viewing. A Happy Birthday banner or ballon will be attached to a stuffed cat in the hat character. I will explain that Dr. Seuss's Cat in the Hat celebrated its 50th birthday on March 1st, 2007, and Dr. Seuss's birthday is March 2nd. The Dr. Seuss web site will be introduced and a simple game played on the site to arouse children's interest. I will read a Seuss like rhyme commemorating Dr. Seuss then focus on Dr. Seuss's books. The objective of the lesson will also be explained.
 The teacher will play the CD of The Cat in the Hat while slides of the actual book will be projected on the large screen, so everyone can read along. Afterwards I will demonstrate my rhyming version of a story along with my illustrations. I will read with expression to create a sense of fun and excitement.
 We will work together as a class to fill in the blanks of a template (displayed on the screen by a digital visualizer) using rhyming words. I will call on willing students to dramatize the rhyming words.
 Copies of the books will be available for students to read on their own at their seats. Those who have difficulty seeing may move to closer seating.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students should be able to create at least four sets of rhyming phrases and an illustration for their stories.
 I will again remind students that we are celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday then we will review our learning for the day: rhyming words, the reading of The Cat in the Hat, Green Eggs and Ham, The Foot Book and our own versions of the story and reading with expression. We may enjoy Dr. Seuss snacks(Birthday Cake)after the lesson.
 I can evaluate the student reading levels, the student created rhymes and illustrations and the degree of focus and entuhsiasm.
Teacher Reflections:
 I will be able to figure out what went well and what can be improved after the lesson.

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