Lesson Plan : Opposites

Teacher Name:
 Amanda Barrett
 Language Arts

 Writing Opposites
 Teach: Opposites Adjectives
 Students discuss meaning of words and develop vocabulary. TEKS K.15B Students write labels, notes, and captions/charts. TEKS K.16B Students record or dictate his/her own knowledge of a topic in various ways/drawing pictures.
 Identify words that are opposites (adjectives) Use a list Write using pictures
 Chart Paper, Markers, Pre-Made Pictures to represent words.
 Activate Prior Knowledge Remind children that they learned that describing words tell about people, places, or things. Ask: Can you think of words that could describe a duck? (Accept all reasonable responses.)
 Opposites List Tell the children that today they are going to learn more about describing words, but they will be word pairs that are opposites. Explain that opposite words are words that are completely different such as little and big or hot and cold. Ask: Are the words little and small opposites? Why or why not? (No, because the words have almost the same meaning.)
 Write big and hot in a column on chart paper or use Graphic Organizer (T-Chart). Write the opposite for each word in the other column. Then tell children that you will say a word and they will say the opposite of the word. Write and say these words: little, happy, long, and fast. Record children’s opposites. Ask children to dramatize each pair of opposites.
 If children are having difficulty identifying the opposite for each word you say, then act out each word pair with a partner.
Checking For Understanding:
 Group students with a partner have each pair draw two pictures (they must be opposites.)
 Use picture cards to quickly find opposites and go over terms and examples.
Teacher Reflections:

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