Lesson Plan : Predicting

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 Amanda Barrett
 Literature Activities

 Preview the Skill: Predicting
 Big Book: Five Little Ducks Scott Foresman K.4
 TAAS Obj. 4 Students will perceive relationships and recognize outcomes in a variety of written texts. TEKS K.5F Students recognize how readers use capitalization and punctuation to comprehend. TEKS K.9A Students use prior knowledge to anticipate meaning and make sense of texts. TEKS K.10B Students participate actively when predictable and patterned selections are read aloud.
 Predict Derive pleasure from reading, listening, viewing Use text features Participate actively when predictable and patterned selections are read aloud
 Big Book: Five Little Ducks CD/Tape of Book
 Activate Prior Knowledge Display counting blocks. Ask children to count the blocks with you. Then ask different children to give you five blocks.
 Read Along Reread the Big Book or play the Selection Audio CD or tape. Point out the special marks at the beginning and end of the words of Mother Duck. Say, these marks tell us that a story character is going to say something. Invite children to join in when Mother duck says, Quack, quack, quack, quack.
 Read several pages so that children can follow the pattern of the story. After two ducks return, ask children what they think will happen next. (Two ducks will go far away.) Encourage children to explain why they think that will happen.
 Invite children to bring in a book from home to share with the class or a partner. Children can ask the class or their partner to predict the ending of the book and then check to see if their predictions were correct.
Checking For Understanding:
 Listen to students as they work with a partner or the class to predict what will happen in the self selected books that they brought from home. Use guided questions to redirect students that may need additional help.
 Let students present their books and predictions to the class. Tell if their predictions were correct or not. Go over terms and clarify where needed.
 Use a pre-made check list a form of assessment to assess if students understand the concept of predicting.
Teacher Reflections:

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