Lesson Plan : Mad Lib Story Time

Teacher Name:
 Kaylan Shannon
 Grade 4
 Language Arts

 Parts of speech
 Reviewing parts of speech and their proper use within a sentence. Noun Adjective Verb Adverb Verb tense Singular nouns Plural nouns Possessive nouns Possessive pronouns Exclamations
 The students will publish a Mad Lib tale and present it orally for the class.
 The student will be able to write a creative story using the appropriate part of speech that is prompted. The student will be able to present the story to the class orally using appropriate intonation and voice.
 Computers with internet access Printer Printer paper LCD Projector
 The teacher will share with the class a Mad Lib story that contains incorrect parts of speech. The teacher then will lead the class in a discussion to determine what was wrong with the story presented.
 The teacher will review the parts of speech and how they are used correctly. The teacher will then share with the class a Mad Lib story that has been created using the correct parts of speech.
 The teacher will guide the class in a discussion of the parts of speech. Using the LCD projector, the class will create a Mad Lib story together. The class will discuss the correct way to use parts of speech within the story. Using an internet browser, the student should bring up http://www.eduplace.com/tales/ and click on the wacky tale that he/she would like to write about. In the blank beside each label, the student will type in the appropriate word he/she chooses. Keep typing the appropriate words for each label. When the story is finished, click to read your wacky tale. Check your story for accuracy. Print your favorite story to submit to the teacher. The students will share their stories with the class in an appropriate manner, using intonation and voice. There is a help button at the bottom of the page if a student needs help with a prompt.
 The students will be able to choose which Mad Lib story they work on. This allows them to choose the level of difficulty they are comfortable with.
Checking For Understanding:
 Once the students have printed out their final story, the teacher will grade them based on whether or not the student used the correct part of speech within each prompted label. The student should know the difference between a noun, verb, adjective, adverb, exclamation, plural and singular nouns, plural and singular verbs, and present and past tense verbs.
 The class will discuss the stories that were presented. The teacher will review the difference between each part of speech. The teacher will then answer any questions or comments the students may have.
 The teacher will be able to measure the students' understanding of the material after the students submit their work. The grade will be given based on the student's participation, correctness, and effort put into the story he/she chose to submit.
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