Lesson Plan : Making Brochures: Trip to Mars

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Stefanczyk
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Making a Travel Brochure
 Final Project based on the book "Mars"
 Students will construct a travel brochure advertising a fantastical trip to Mars.
 SWBAT create 5 headings with accompanying descriptions and appropriate illustrations. SWBAT summarize important information from a text. SWBAT write a paragraph with a topic sentence and a body, using proper grammar, punctuation, and capitalization.
 construction paper, crayons, lined paper, scissors, glue, internet sites about Mars
 The teacher will pass out several examples of travel brochures. The teacher will ask students to examine the brochures and she will ask them to help her brainstorm the characteristics of a brochure. She will write their suggestions on the board.
 The teacher will explain to the students that they will be creating travel brochures for a fantastical trip to Mars. She will go back to the student-created list on the board and create about 10 possible headings such as "What to bring," "What's the Weather Like?," and "Sites to See." She will explain to the students that they will choose 5 headings and write descriptions based on their reading of Mars.
 The teacher shows the students examples of student brochures from the past. She passes out the checklist and reviews each of the component parts, using the brochures as an example. Then, the teach explains that they will be working on their rough drafts first. She selects the heading "What to Bring," and writes a paragraph description with a topic sentence and supporting details, on a transparency.
 For this lesson, the teacher will provide sentence starters for students who have difficulty writing. The teacher will also provide graphic organizers. Possibly the teacher might include a mini-lesson on the parts of a paragraph to students who need extra help.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will review the rough drafts at the end of the period.
 The teacher will ask the students what project they are working on, and will ask them to give the requirements as given on the checklist.
Teacher Reflections:

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