Lesson Plan : Common or Proper Noun?

Teacher Name:
 Meg O'D
 Grade 6
 Special Education

 Determine whether a noun is common or proper.
 Language Arts
 Students will be able to recognize the difference between common and proper nouns: will know to capitalize proper only.
 Students will be able to recognize and capitalize proper nouns with 90% accuracy.
 worksheet, pencil, brain for each student
 Write school address on the board, without capitalizing the name of school, street, city or state. Tell students we're going to be focusing on nouns today - refer to and restate noun definition. As a whole class, underline nouns. Then ask if anything looks funny?
 Some nouns are special, they're called proper nouns. Uncover proper noun poster with definition: the name of a specific or particular person, place or thing. Proper nouns get capital letters. Do we need any capital letters in our school's address? Are there any names of specific people, places or things? As a class, circle letters that should be capitalized.
 Now, is every noun a proper noun? No! Some nouns are proper nouns - restate definition - some are common nouns, they aren't names of specific people, places or things. We're going to look at this list of nouns and decide which are common and which are proper. We'll capitalize the proper nouns and we'll leave the common nouns alone.
 G.B. - will only complete first half of page. K.J., M.W., K.H. - will write their own list of common and proper nouns and 3 sentences using each.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will complete an exit slip worksheet with 5 questions about nouns. 1. Common or proper? ice cream 2. Common or proper? disney world 3. Common or proper? dr. cox 4. Capitalize the proper noun: (1) orange, pencil, synder gym, book 5. Capitalize the proper nouns: (2) coke, computer, backpack, classroom, ms. warren, teacher, student
 Are all nouns proper nouns? What's the definition of a proper noun? What kind of noun gets a capital letter? Nice work!
 Collect and grade worksheets and exit slips.
Teacher Reflections:

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