Lesson Plan : Trino's Choice - Context Clues

Teacher Name:
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Trino's Choice
 Reading strategies and context clues
 Students will be able to use self-monitored reading using learned strategies. Their ultimate goal is to use context clues to figure out the meaning of the spanish words sprinkled into the first chapter of Trino's Choice.
 Students will work independantly and silently. They will read on their own and at their own pace. They will use at least 2 different learned reading strategies and show evidence of said strategies. Ultimately, they will make a list of the Spanish words and what they believe they mean. They will be asked to show how they came to these definitions by writing the words they used as context clues.
 Trino's Choice novels Post its (for strategies) Notebooks (for charts or any other reading strategies) Loose Leaf (for coming up with a definitions pages/context clues)
 The teacher will introduce the novel Trino's Choice. She will give a small lecture about the author and the setting of the book. She will hand out the books and have students look it over. As a beginning reading strategy, the teacher will ask students to make predictions about what they believe the book will be about by looking at the cover, reading the back cover and flipping through breifly. Predictions will be posted on post its then on a poster in the front of the room.
 After that, the teacher will remind students of context clues (taught in another lesson). Teacher will ask students to tell her what context clues are and how we use them. She will then share that we will be using them to learn definitions to words - not just English words we don't understand, but today we will be learning SPANISH! Teacher will put an excerpt from a story that is written mainly in English with a few Spanish words peppered in (just like Trino's Choice). She will model out loud the thinking process and highlight context clues. Then she will put a list on the board and model how she wants the students to write up the words, definition and show examples of context clues.
 The teacher will then post another excerpt. Together as a class, they will go through it once pulling out Spanish words and listing them on the board (students will be recorders). Then a student volunteer will read through it again and they will figure out definitions to the words and highlight context clues. They will they list definitions and context clues on the board as a class.
 Students all read at varied levels, therefore students will have an ample amount of time to get through this passage. Some students will get more help from their teacher. During this time, the teacher may pull small groups for guided reading, focusing on the students who need the most help. Students who read faster are allowed to move on in the book, or get their leveled activities folder and work on their "brain games."
Checking For Understanding:
 After explaining and modeling, teacher will ask students for questions. At the end of modeling, there will be a couple of sentences, where students have to use context clues to figure out words. She will reveal these sentences and "quiz" the kids before moving on. Also, the definitions/context clues paper will be collected.
 At the end of class the students will come back together as a whole. Students will be asked to summarize in think-pair-share groups what they did today and what techniques they used.
 Teacher will review collected work and reflect on what students shared out.
Teacher Reflections:
 Teacher will review collected work and reflect on what students shared out.

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