Lesson Plan : Reading and Recall

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 Language Arts

 Reading selection: The Snowy Day by Ezra Jack Keats. This will be done with reading buddies of second grade and preschool.
 Reading and recall of an event in the story.
 The second grade students will read the story to their preschool buddy. The buddies will be able to communicate an event from the story to the class.
 The buddies will communicate an event from the story by either acting it out or drawing a picture about it including a dictation/written summary of that event. This will be done by presenting their event to the class.
 Students drawing pictures will need large paper, crayons, and pencils. Students acting out their event may choose to use props but do not have to.
 The classes have been discussing the four seasons. This activity is being used in conjuction with the beginning of the winter season.
 The teacher will read the book Snowmen at Night. During the reading the teacher will stop and discuss as well as offer some demonstrations of how you might act out part of the story. Demonstrations of drawing a scene and writing about what happened in the scene will also be given.
 The teacher will offer a discussion/question time to see if students have the right idea of the planned activity.
 Students may use written or verbal skills to demonstrate understanding. The assignment may be shortened if necessary.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will observe the presentation given by the "buddies". If creating a picture, a written piece must be present with the picture and explained during the presentation. If acting out a scene the proper actions and language from the story must be observed.
 After the students have made their class presentations they will watch the video of the story. A comparison discussion will be generated regarding how the book and the video were the same/different as well as if the student presentations were accurate.
 Children will be given a + or - indicating whether or not they were able to communicate an event recalled from the story.
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