Lesson Plan : Beach Umbrella Writing-Main Idea

Teacher Name:
 Miss Sauve
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Beach Umbrella Writing
 Using an Umbrella as a prop to teach Main Idea, Supporting Details, and Conclusion concepts.
 Umbrella List of idea generators
 Teacher will: -stand up in the front of the class and hold up an umbrella. -Why do you think that I brought an umbrella to class? -What does this beach umbrella have to do with writing? -What does the umbrella symbolize? -After a round of student guessing, the teacher explains that the umbrella is the Main Idea and that the Supporting Details and Conclusion must fall like rain under the umbrella.
 Next, I will tell the class that they will help me out with a piece of writing that is called, "Three Dreadful Chores."
 The students will: -write four sentences on their post-it notes about their most dreaded household chores and why they dread them. -The teacher will then walk around the room and pick three students who have written about different chores to come up to the front of the class. Students will line up next to the umbrella,while the teacher stands under the umbrella and announces the Main Idea. The Main Idea is: "During the weekend, I'd prefer to play sports or talk on the phone, but I often have to do chores around the house. ie. The three chores I dread the most are empting the kitty litter box, washing the dishes, and sweeping the garage." After the teacher reads the main idea, each student takes their turn telling their most dreaded chore and why. As they report to the class they walk under the umbrella, representing the rain. The teacher can offer transition words between each chore. For the conclusion: students and teacehr huddle under the umbrella while the teachers says a conclusion which restates the main idea and explains what difference it makes. ex. "Since I must change the kitty litter box, wash the dishes and sweep the garage, I rarely have time to figure out new soccer strategies on the field. Ask students how you would summarize this paragraph. What points would you need to leave in and which would you keep out?
 In order to accommodate some students, Students needed accommodations will: individually write a five-sentence paragraph about the exact same topic. (or simply re-write the one used by the teacher and class/dreaded chores)
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will: -walk around the class during the students independent work and check to make sure that all students are on task and working to the best of their ability. -collect students work at the end of class and evaluate their answers.
 The teacher will: -ask for student volunteers to share their written paragraphs. Teacher will: -ask students: 1) "what did the umbrella represent?" 2)what did the rain represent? Class Dismissed!
Teacher Reflections:

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