Lesson Plan : Reading with Blend Concepts

Teacher Name:
 Miss Avila
 Grade 1
 Language Arts

 Reading with Blends
 R1.8 Blend 2-4 phonemes W1.8 Spell 3-4 letter short vowel words R3.1 Identify plot, setting, and character
 The students are expected to blend 2-4 phonemes using words identified in the text. The students will also be expected to spell 3-4 letter short vowel words. Lastly, the students will be expected to answer a story wheel using plot, setting, and character.
 Students will meet in a small reading group. During the reading group the students will be engaged in a phonemic awarness activity. The students will also participate in blending 2-4 phonemems using words in the text. The students will also individually complete a story wheel using plot, setting, and character. The students are to discuss their findings with in the group.
 white boards, white board marker, story book, and reading pointer.
 The students will begin the lesson with a phonemic awareness activity. Here the students will be working with the diagraph (th). Then, the students will move into blending 2-4 phonemes. After, the students will read the story "Pet Bath" and complete a story wheel using plot, setting, and character.
 The teacher will model a story wheel from a previous story and discuss the expectations of the students and the content to be included.
 The teacher and students will begin to work on the story wheel together and then, the teacher will have the students complete the story wheel individually.
 The students will use choral response for those students who learn best using an auditory learning style. White boards will also be used to accomodate students on learning levels and those who learn best using a read/write learning style. Last, the students will have small group discussion regarding their findings. Small group discussions serve as a cooperative learning experience.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will then have the students discuss their findings and create story wheel together.
 The teacher will have the students go back to their seats and create illustrations for their story wheels.
Teacher Reflections:

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