Lesson Plan : The Most Dangerous Game - Part 4

Teacher Name:
 Joan Brand/Raya Sam
 Grade 7-8
 Language Arts

 Understanding Character Traits: Sanger Rainsford & General Zaroff
 Comparison of Sanger Rainsford & General Zaroff Disarming Confident Wiley Aristocrat Authoritative Marksmen Intelligent Middle Class Charming Passionate Humble Upper Class Cultivated Cunning Witty Hunter
 To analyze the impact of setting on a character's traits and emotions To use descriptive adjectives and nouns to compare Sanger Rainsford & General Zaroff
 Students will analyze how the setting in "The Most Dangerous Game" impacts the main characters traits (personalities) and emotions (feelings). Students will use descriptive adjectives and nouns to compare Sanger Rainsford & General Zaroff
 Copy of The Most Dangerous Game Copy of The Most Dangerous Game DVD Reading/Writing Folders and Notebook Overhead projector
 Motivation: Teacher(s) write on the board: First impressions are not lasting impressions. Co-teachers will engage in accountable talk about how they see some people differently after meeting them for the first time. They may ask students questions about how their impressions of people have changed over time. Examples will be shared on the board.
 Using Reader's Theatre format, co-teachers will act out the first meeting between Sanger Rainsford & General Zaroff. After their initial meeting, each character will face "the audience" and give a description of their impression of the other character.
 Returning to the text and concentrating on the setting, teachers will team-teach using guided reading strategies to help students master the descriptive vocabulary referring to Sanger Rainsford and General Zaroff in "The Most Dangerous Game."
 Special needs students will receive cards containg descriptive adjectives and nouns with pictures to help them to complete the Venn Diagram exercise.
Checking For Understanding:
 Using the Think-Pair-Share strategy, students will share their results with their coopertative team prior to sharing their results with their classmates.
 Students will discuss what they learned about the two main characters from this activity.
 With 85% accuracy, students will be able to accurately identify the descriptive adjectives and nouns that apply to each main character.
Teacher Reflections:

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