Lesson Plan : Writing holiday postcards

Teacher Name:
 Ms Sefton
 Grade 6

 Writing holiday postcards using the present and past tenses.
 Using structured postcards and cues, then real postcards imagining that they are in a place illustrated.
 Learn phrases and themes used in holiday postcards, basic things they could write about them: Greetings from ... weather (sunny, cold, hot, rainy, wet, windy etc.) food (delicious, spicy/hot, expensive, cheap etc.) people (friendly/unfriendly, helpful, nice etc.) hotel (nice, clean, noisy, large, small etc.) scenery (beautiful, there are/is a lot of ...) flight (and other transportation) sight-seeing (interesting places, museums, art galleries, etc.) nightlife (busy, exciting, quiet, not much to do, a lot to do) shopping (a lot of shops, expensive, cheap, shopping centres, markets etc.)
 To be able to write first the structured postcard and then another postcard by modifying the themes according to the pictures in the postcards. Using the past simple in written work.
 POSTCARDS worksheet with two different aspects to a holiday (one negative, one positive) and REAL postcards from all over the world.
 Collecting some adjectives describing some holiday themes that people write about in postcards, using students' personal experiences: including weather, people, hotel, transportation, food, etc.
 Teacher writes a model on the board, using words students have given. Explaining where the date, name, address would go, salutations.
 Students fill in the structured postcards (one negative, one positive). Teacher helps as necessary.
 More able students could write the first postcards in their own words.
Checking For Understanding:
 Some students could read their work aloud. Discussion whether the descriptions match the postcards.
 Collect some words that students should study for the following week.
Teacher Reflections:

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