Lesson Plan : Finding Yourself In A Story

Teacher Name:
 J. Sigler
 Grade 5
 Language Arts

 Student centered lesson. After listening to the story, "I Like Me!" by Nancy Carlson, students will discover attributes about themselves and use them to make a "Me Web".
 What is special about me? How can I share my special attributes with others? Reading Comprehension of fictional material - student will summarize what the story was about using a bubble map.
 ASOL E-R19 The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of fiction. (i)summarize major points found in fiction materials. Communication Strands - C13 Student will share stories or information with an audience. C7 Student will initiate conversation.
 Teacher Prep: Copy of book "I Like Me!" by Nancy Carlson. Cut out attributes of the pig to make a pig web after reading the story to the students. poster board or large construction paper magazines crayons scissors glue parkers pencils
 Introduce the story by asking several students to name one thing they like about themselves. Tell the students that today they will listen to a story about a pig who has many good reasons to like herself. Explain that everyone has special parts of themselves they call attributes, that makes each person different such as hair color, eye color, skin color, families, favorite games, and friends. Tell them to listen to the story and to remember some of the attributes about the pig. Read the book, "I Like Me!" by Nancy Carlson.
 Explain to the students that they are going to help make a "Pig Web" showing the special attributes about the pig that make her special and different from other pigs. Draw/write the the word "pig" in the middle circle of the web or bubble map. Hold-up an attribute picture and tell the students that you remember that the pig had pink skin. Glue/tape the pink skin to the web. Now ask the students what attributes they remember. If a student says one that you have not prepared a picture for, you may draw it on the web. When you are finished, point out to the students that all of the attributes together make one special person.
 Tell the children that they are going to make a "Me Web" to show 5 - 8 special things (attributes) about themselves that are real. Demonstrate how they are to draw a picture of themselves in the middle of their poster board. Show them how to look through magazines to cut-out pictures that tell about themselves such as a picture of a soccer player, karate kid, or a child with blond hair and blue eyes, etc. If they can not find pictures they want, they may draw and color the attributes on paper then cut-out around them. Show them how to lay their 5-8 attribute pictures on the poster board around their center self-portrait. Then show them how to draw lines from the center of the web to each attribute picture.
 Demonstrate/model/act out instructions. (MICI or SLI) Provide a sample of the finished product before beginning an activity. (MICI) Allow students to dictate responses. (MICI) For drawing: pencil grips, FAT markers, pencils, etc. Small groups, stand nearby. (MICI) Model appropriate social behavior and communication that is necessary to operate w/in a group (SLI).
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher should talk with the students as he/she circulates through the room and use a checklist (see attached) to observe the child's conversational and oral communication skills. Do the students take turns speaking? Do they let others speak and listen while they speak? Do they make themselves understood in conversation? Etc.
 Have students share their "Me Webs" with the class. Extend the lesson by allowing them to share a little more about themselves by creating a name poem (see attached). Students can create a name poem of their own that describes who they are and read it to the rest of the class. For those students with a harder time writing, they can complete a me picture to share with the class (see attached). Remind the students that each attribute put together creates ONE special person!
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