Lesson Plan : Synonyms & Antonyms

Teacher Name:
 Katie Walsh
 Grade 6
 Language Arts

 Synonyms & Antonyms
 Students will recall the terms synonyms and antonyms while expanding their vocabulary.
 Students will better understand the terms synonym and antonym.
 Students will be able to: 1. Recall the terms synonym and antonym 2. Aquire new vocabulary and use it correctly 3. Write in complete sentences, replacing given words with synonyms & antonyms 4.Demonstrate improvement in paragraph development and diction.
  Word Cards Worksheets
 To begin the lesson, I will review the terms synonym and antonym with the students. I will put a few words on the board, and the student will be asked to orally give examples of synonyms and antonyms for those words. I will discuss the type of activity they will be performing. A set of directions will be given, and written on the board for the assignment. I will then model the assignment for the class.
 1.I will distribute a word card to each student, and tell them to look at the word written in black on their card 2.Students will find the person with the word that has similar meaning (synonyms). 3.After everyone has found a match student will think of two synonyms for the word 4.Students will write one sentence that can be used with either word so the sense has the same meaning. 5.In pairs still, student will read their word cards, tell their two synonyms, and read their sentence aloud. 6.Students will turn the cards over to the side of card where words are written in red ink. 7.Students will find the person who has a word with the opposite meaning of their word (antonyms). 8.Steps 5-7 will be repeated, creating sentences with the opposite meanings.
 I will circulate the room to keep students on task and to answer any questions they may arise throughout the class period
Checking For Understanding:
 I will assess the students by circulating the room to observe the participation of each group member. Student will be assessed on how well they communicate with their partner(s) and how well they follow directions. Students will also be given a paragraph that uses a repeating word. Student will rewrite the paragraph using synonyms, so that the paragraph has the same meaning, but is more interesting. They will also write a paragraph replacing the words with antonyms, so that the paragraph has the opposite meaning.
  After all the activities are completed, I will revisit the ideas that were presented in class and give an overview of what was learned. I will ask the students various questions to make sure that the objectives were met.
 At the end of the class I will ask the students to write down their own definitions of the word synonym and anytyon. I will then ask them to write down three concepts they learned and three concepts they found confusing.
Teacher Reflections:

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