Lesson Plan : I Feel Orange Today

Teacher Name:
 Miss. Simmons
 Grade 2
 Literature Activities

 Journal Writing
 Read the book "I feel Orange today" by Patricia Godwin. For the young, sensitive boy in this delightful story, most days are a rainbow of colors. However, some days are predominantly one color. For example, a red day is when he calls the teacher mom by mistake or gets angry with his brother; a green day is very quiet, except for the rustling of leaves; and a purple day is just a muddle! The sprightly illustrations by Kitty Macaulay, done in watercolour, pen, and ink convey character and effectively portray the range of emotions presented.
 To encourage the students to talk about their feelings by writing about what color they feel today. Students can respond to the story in their journals by telling and drawing what color they feel and what they want to do when they feel that way.
 The students will be able to express how they are feeling on that day and they will be able to write about it in their journal. They will also be able to describe what they do when they are feeling that way. For example if they are mad maybe they go for a walk, or go to their room, or listen to music.
 Book "I feel orange today" journals pencils colored pencils
 The lesson will begin by asking the children some questions about the book. I will see if they can guess what the book is about by looking at the title and the front cover. After we have talked about the book then I will read it to them.
 I will show them an example of what their journal entry should look like. I will use the overhead and write the example as they are watching.
 After I have shown them what to do I will ask the students what they do if they are feeling happy, sad, or angry.
 There will be extra time given for those students that need a bit more time to finish. The teacher will also be walking around the room to assist those students who have questions.
Checking For Understanding:
 The teacher will walk around the room as the children are making their journal entries. The teacher will be making sure that the children are writing about how they are feeling that day and what they do when they feel that way.
 The students will hand in their journals when they are done, and those who finish quickly may read a book. The books they can select from are about feelings and stories that relate to the theme "All about me".
Teacher Reflections:

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