Lesson Plan : Native American Tribes

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 Grade 5
 Social Studies

 Native American Tribes
 Chapter about Native American cultures, homes, crafts and tradtions. Chief, tribe, village, culture, crafts, totem, shelter, region
 Students will be able to discuss Native Americans tribes, cultures, crafts, types of food eaten, type of hunting/fishing, types of homes for each of 5 regional tribes. Students will be able to write summaries of each tribe.
 TLW use the language of social studies by creating note pages on each of the regional tribes' common practices (language) TLW develop the skill of note taking by completing a notes chart for each tribe; noting cultural practices
 photocards of crafts, hunting, fishing, homes, regional landscapes, foods, totems, etc. (15 cards) Textbook, dry erase board, sample notes chart, vocabulary cards
 Introduction to regions of U.S. occupied by tribes; show map and regional divides. Discuss with students the different weather patterns of each region, ie. cool, wet northwest; hot humid southeast; dry arid southwest, etc.
 Lay out photocards and guide students in matching landscapes, food practices, crafts, etc. to tribe/region. Think aloud determinant characteristics for matching. Model reading expository text; demonstrating and using text features as benchmarks for taking notes. Emphasize and explicitly note language of social studies.
 Students discuss use photocards to create notes on tribes associated with each region, noting homes, foods, crafts, etc. Students practice taking notes discussing use of notes chart, following teacher example.
 Scaffolded summary statements for beginning ELL's. Posted vocabulary with pictures and definitions. Premade notes outline with gap - fill for beginning ELL's. Extended time as needed; modified language; clarify text and continuous comprehension review.
Checking For Understanding:
 Students will verbally answer comprehension questions for each tribe. Students will compare notes with each other. Each student will share summary statements for one tribe.
 Tell why you think hunters/fisherman/gatherers got food the way they did.
 Written notes Charts Discussion/participation Summaries
Teacher Reflections:
 This was not one lesson! This was a very busy 4 lessons! We have completed 2 and it is working a charm. However, I had intended it to take two class periods, possibly 3. At the pace the students are working, it will be 4 or even 5. The lesson design, however, is working well.

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