Lesson Plan : What's This?

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 World Languages

 Whats this? Identifying objects by using different languages.
 1.Identifying Personal and school objects 2.Practicing alphabet 3.using a and an 4.Singular and Plural 5.Practicing new conversation
 1.To identify and spell names of objects 2.Know when to use a or an 3.Know how to pronounce the plural sound and which ending 4.Learn new vocabulary through new conversations 5.To understand what you are saying in conversation and what each word represents.
 1.Can identify and spell names of objects 2.Can choose whether to use a or an 3.Can choose the correct ending of words in the plural form 4.Tell tell me what a word means if I ask them.
 Interchange Student book and workbook,CD teachers manual
 3.Keep talking to a minimum and only when translating or helping other students.Speak softly. Other conversation topics need to remain out of class 1.Explain a and an 2. Point to word or object and say to identify and spell name of object. 3. Give some examples of plural words and their endings 4.Practice conversations
 Demonstrate each conversation with Korean English Teacher before role-playing with student
 1.Practice What's this? with each student twice and spelling-25 minutes 2.Practice role playing each conversation with each student-25 minutes
Checking For Understanding:
 1. Listen to spelling to see if student has understanding of alphabet. 2.Listen carefully in conversation with student. 3. Ask random students what words and conversation is about.
 1.Please finish workbook homework before next class 2.Please show up for classes at 3:20 3.Please clean up your messes before you leave. Thanks
Teacher Reflections:
 This was a wonderful use of the subject matter. Students really worked hard to communicate their ideas.

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