Lesson Plan : Christmas Season Activities

Teacher Name:
 Mr, John Villegas
 Grade 1

 Christmas Activities.
 In this subject the students will do many coloring sheets about Christmas. They will also so a Venn Diagram Activity. The students will also learn about alphabetizing words that go with the Christmas season.
 The goals for these activities are to help the students learn to work together in groups. The Venn Diagram Activity would be where they would work in groups to dicuss the similarites and differences from the following two stories. "The Mouse Before Christmas" and "The Night Before Christmas".
 The objectives will be for the students to learn something new from each activity that they do. Along with the coloring they will be writing the name of the pictures they are coloring. The students will also complete a KWL Work Sheet about Christmas. KWL stands for What I know, What I want to learn, and What I have Learned. The students
 Colors, Pencils, markers, paper, and group work.
 Students will pick up the worksheets. They will sit in groups of two or three for the Venn Diagram Activity. Then they will hopefully begin working on the other worksheets.
 I Will explain what the students are to do on each assignment.
 I will first show a practice exercise on the board and show the students the Christmas vocabulary. The students will practice on a sheet of paper.
 This teaches the students how to use their fundamental skills of writing and coloring.
Checking For Understanding:
 I will walk around the room checking on each student to see if they understand what they are doing.
 The students will clean up the mess that they have made. The students will put their pictures and worksheets in the appropriate piles so the work may be collected and graded.
 I will measure the progress of the students and their work.
Teacher Reflections:
 I hope that each student will know a little bit more about Christmas. Also I hope that each student will know more about working together in groups and working with each other. Also I hope that each student will have fun while they are working on their Christmas Assignments.

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