Lesson Plan : Resource Room

Teacher Name:
 Grade 9-10
 Special Education

 The mission of the Resource Room Program is to move students towards academic independence. By providing individualized remedial instruction to a small group of students. The Resource Room Teacher works with the regular education to provide strategies which will assist the student within their regular education program and meet the IEP requirements for Goals and Objectives.
 Pennsylvania Academic Standards as they relate to the Core Curriculum. Subjects English I,II,II,IV Math-Algebra I,II & Geometry Science-Biology, Chemistry,Physical Science and Physics History-American, African American, and World Art
 To Reteach Core Curriculum according to the PA Academic Standards as they relate to the IEP for the Goals and Objectives
 1.Describe preconditions to improve motivation and affect within the regular education classroom. 2.Describe strategies for increasing student self-efficacy. 3.Describe and implement effective composition and spelling strategies. 4.Promote reading fluency through direct instruction and code emphasis. 5.Explain the use of manipulative materials for solving Algebraic equations. 6. Evaluate mathematical reasoning to provide graduated coaching,provide functional mathe instruction . 7.Apply strategies for adapting Sciene textbook (content enhancement,semantic feature analysis or mnemonic strategies).
 HOLT-English I,II,III Textbooks, HOLT Math Textbooks Algebra I,II,Geometry HOLT-History Books and HOLT Science Books -Chemistry,Biology and Physical Science.
 Peer Review Worksheet - Student gives honest approach to what he/she learned from regular education classroom. Student is encouraged to be truthful as to attendance, likability of teacher,need for extra credit assignments.
 Review previous learned lesson,provide information on how much was learned. Review how much information was retained from regular education class. Encourage Daily review.
 C.C.C-Cover,Copy, and Compare -students use organizational charts relation charts keyword strategies etc.
 summary charts,illustrations, provide sufficient practice,reduce reading or writing assignments, use of peer and cooperative teaching groups,study guides ,and guided notes.
Checking For Understanding:
 Task Analysis-breaking down the regular education assignment into smaller subcomponents to determine students level of understanding of the task assigned.
 WILT- What I Learned Today, have students reflect on their comprehension of the assignment. Student review (wrap up in their own words purpose of assignment and need for additional assistance.
 Teacher made rubrics which address the math or writing assignments for gauging students level of understanding.
Teacher Reflections:
 Review students level of understanding. Perform formative evaluation (a frequent and systematic monitoring of the special education students progress towards their regular education goals and objectives as specified on the IEP).

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