Lesson Plan : Personal Computers 1

Teacher Name:
 Mrs. Jean Broyhill
 Grade 11-12

 Word Processing (EDITED)
 Computer Skills
 Students will be able to create a new word processing document. Students will be able to save a file for the first time.
  Using MS Word, students will create a new word processing document using at least three sentences, creating a personal folder and saving it to My Documents.
 teacher computer, projector to demonstrate method, student computers
 Discuss how word processing on a computer is used in place of pencil and paper to create written sources. It is much more useful because the file can be edited, saved and retrieved easily.
 Using my computer and the projector, I will demonstrate how to create a new WP file, identify it as a new file, add data to the file. Create a personal folder under My Documents and save the file for the first time using a specific file name.
 Students will now create a new WP file, add 3 sentences of data. Create a folder on My Documents, save the file in the folder with a specific name.
 Student may type just his/her name in a new WP document and then save it in a newly created folder under My Documents.
Checking For Understanding:
 Have students tell their study buddy the process they used to create and save the file for the first time.
 Have students describe when this might be useful for other class assignments.
 Observe each students created file in their personal folder.
Teacher Reflections:
 Verify every student has created and saved at least one file. Did they enjoy this process, as well as learn a new technique? Will I use this with another class?

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