Lesson Plan : Geographic Space

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Nitza
 Grade 7-8

 Geographic Space
 natural components, social components, economic components
 Students will identify natural, social and economic components that are included in a geographical space.
 notebook, pencil, color pencils, projector, computer.
 Children will go out of classroom to record in notebook about what they can see around them, write everything in notebook.
 1.Go to classroom again, be prepared with presentation and start talking about geographic space. What we can see, where we live,and where the community develops is a gepgraphic space. 2. The geographic space has different functions, for example in som spaces, food production is fundamental, in some others, factories produce articles or sell and buy things. 3.Geographic spaces can include different places: cities, towns, roads, forests, jungles, deserts, etc. (show slide of pictures and ask students to tell you what they see) 4.It is very hard to study the geographic space as a whole that's why it is divided in three main components (next slide of organizer) 5.Explain each division. Natural components: It is the base for the human development, they were here before humans appear on earth, they give us different resources (metals, wood, rocks, plants,etc. Social Components: people and their characteristics like age, gender, their actions. Economic Components: Money, factories, transportation, jobs. Where People need to satisfy their needs. 6.classify their observations in three parts(main components)
 7.Think about what happen if something breaks with the environent of a good geographic space? for example when people breaks in and start cutting trees,what are the consequences? what happens to the space? think about the three components!
Checking For Understanding:
 Do you think it could be possible to have only one type of components in some places? Explain your answer. Would a natural disaster like a Tsunami destroy or break a geographic space? What did I learned about the Geographic space? Who is responsible of generate or destroy the geographic space? Why?
 Compare how the components are alike to what is physical characteristics and human
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