Lesson Plan : Exploring Technology

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Christopher Gaines
 Grade 11-12

  Technology Focus
  Important facts: Technology is a process - the way human beings use their resources to solve problems and meet their needs and wants. Key concepts: Technology is a process. Skills: Problem solving Key vocabulary terms: technology, bio-related technology, communication technology, construction technology, emerging technologies, manufacturing technology, technology assessment, transportation technology
 Students should be able to define technology. Students should understand that technology allows them to use their problem solving skills to find solutions to problems.
 - Define technology. - Explain why the pace of technology change has increased. - Define five areas in which technology is used to solve problems. - Describe the relationship between technology and other areas of knowledge.
 Instructional/training approach: Powerpoint presentation, lecture Textbook: Technology Today and Tommorrow, Fales, Kuetemeyer, & Brusic Aids: Computer/laptop, projection screen
 Give an example of technology and a problem-solving solution.
 Direct instruction.
 Problem Solving - Lab Activity to solve "thinking" problem. (After having posed a problem, students need to experience open-ended problem-solving. Real scientific problems do not have answers at the back of the book. The scientist entertains multiple competing hypotheses and makes inferences over a long series of experimental observations. Scientists do not arrive at a final answer; research is abandoned for a variety of reasons, including time, resources, and most importantly when the scientific research team is "satisfied", i.e. when the solution is "useful" for some purpose.)
 Special Needs Students are paired with assigned lab partners.
Checking For Understanding:
 Go over important lesson concepts.
 Allow students 5 to 10 minutes to comment on various presentations. Allow students to comment on lesson concepts.
 Rubric to grade student presentations.
Teacher Reflections:

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