Lesson Plan : Legos

Teacher Name:
 Mr. Elias
 Grade 9-10
 World Languages

 Lego Directions
 Imperative statements Adjectives (shapes and colors)
 To write instructions for simple Lego structures that are clear enough to allow others to follow and build the same structure
 To create descriptive imperative statements by writing directions for student-made block structures.
 10 Lego pieces of varied shape and color for each group paper pencil OHP for teacher modeling
 Show pre-made Lego structure (bird, house, etc) to students. Ask what they think it is Ask how what they would need to build same model (same pieces and directions)
 -Give each student two Lego blocks (must be the same 2 for everyone). Describe all the features of the blocks together. -Discuss what makes good directions. -Discuss imperative statements. -Show examples (OHP) of good directions and bad directions. -Explain to students that they will be building a Lego structure of their choice with 10 blocks. They must use imperative statements to write directions for making their structure. They will then disassemble and trade blocks and directions with another group. Each group will use the other group's instructions and blocks to rebuild their structure.
 As a class write directions for a 3-block structure. Then test the directions by following them to build the 3-block structure. As a class, review and revise directions until it is agreed that they are clear and sufficient.
 Provide novice students with prepositional phrases needed to complete activity and half the number of blocks.
Checking For Understanding:
 Once finished, group 1 takes apart their Legos and exchange the blocks and directions with group 2's Legos and directions. If the group 2 cannot create the intended structure with group 1's directions, group 1 attempts to revise the directions and allows group 2 to try again.
 Discuss the keys to giving good directions.
 Collect and assess student directions after class.
Teacher Reflections:

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