Lesson Plan : Shapes in Nature

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 Grade 2

 Shapes in Nature Circles, triangles (isosceles, right, and equilateral), Quadrilateral (rectangle, rhombus, square, trapizoid), Pentagon, Hexagon, Septagon, Octogon, Nonogon, and Decagon
 Teach students how math applies to the world.
 TSW walk around school grounds with a notebook, tracking the geometric shapes found. TSW share findings with class to be placed on the chart
 Plastic geometric shapes (enough for every child and teacher), ziplock baggies, Notebooks for each student, Pencils, Posterboard Chart, Over-head Projector, Transparencies with pictures of everyday objects, provide students with a list of geometric shapes pictures and names
 Math is all around us! If we look around the room, the school, and even nature; we will find geometric shapes.
 Using over-head projector with pictures of everyday objects: TTW show students what the geometric shapes are and pass a list for students to keep TTW demonstrate using the plastic shapes how everyday object contain geometric shapes
 TSW use the worksheet and the shapes to match the shapes with the corresponding picture and name.
 Students with limited fine motor skill can use a digital camera to log the shapes, once the pictures are printed TSW use plastic shapes to show which objects contain each shape
Checking For Understanding:
 Through Grand Conversation, TTW create a chart of all the shapes found and a corresponding list of locations. At the end of lesson, TSW turn in notebook. TTW review the notebooks to verify student understanding. TSW match the name of the shape with a picture of a shape on a worksheet to be used for assessment
 Shapes are every where. The next time you are on a long car ride, playing a board game, or eating dinner try to see how many shapes you can spot. You will be suprised how many you can find!
 monitor student participation and check notebooks for understanding. post reviewing the shapes and names, evaluate students with a matching worksheet.
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