Lesson Plan : Inclusion and Motivation

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Carmichael
 Special Education

 Inclusion and how parents and peers affect students' motivation.
 What is inclusion. Components of an inclusive classroom. Common disabilities and adaptations. 1. Children cannot be motivated by others. They must discover for themselves that what we are offering is something they want. We should lead them to understand why they should motivate themselves. 2. Children are already motivated. They lose motivation when the things we want from them appear to have no connection to them. 3. Children are capable of logical and rational thought but lack the life experience. 4. Listen to the children we can guide them through the path we know is best for them.
 The purpose of this lesson is to introduce inclusion to a group of adult learners. It will present the topic of inclusion, give examples of goals for inclusive classrooms, what makes this work, and how to adapt. Students will better understand how parents affect student motivation.
 Adult learner will be able to: 1. List characteristics of an inclusive classroom. 2. Development a list of student goals for the inclusive classroom 3. Identify activities and support systems in model classrooms. 4. Describe a common disability and suitable adaptation 5. Students will be able to identify what parents can do to help their child become motivated. 6. Students will identify positive and negative motivators.
 Power Point Presentation with handout True/False Quiz Eric Document Sentence strips with disabilities and adaptations
 Students will take a brief quiz to assess prior knowledge. Read: THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD
 Power Point Presentation on inclusion with handout. Discuss posible lessons learned from THE LITTLE ENGINE THAT COULD Present some positive and negative influences, get responses as to which they are and why, write them on a Venn diagram on the board.
 1. Small groups read ERIC document. Brainstorm examples from the reading, and add to master chart - components of an inclusive school/classroom. 2. Students pair and present to class a common disability and appropriate adaptation. On post-it notes students will write two things, they think are influence motivation. Students will put their influences in the proper places, positive, negative, or both, place post-its on the venn diagram. Discuss.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher assessment of group work. Teacher assessment of disability presentation.
 Take a quiz that covers all aspects of the lesson. We will then have a follow up essay.
Teacher Reflections:

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