Lesson Plan : Creating a Bar Graph

Teacher Name:
 Catherine Joyner
 Grade 7-8

 Bar Graphs and Histograms
 Anticipatory Set: Utilize data to produce bar graphs and histograms Math Bar graph, double bar graph, histogram
 Data Analysis & Probability The learner will understand and use graphs and data analysis Integration with School wide Focus; inter grade thing maps and technology into daily lessons. Utilize standard course of study.
 4.01, 4.03, 4.05 The students will be able to: 1. graph data on a bar graph and double bar graph. 2. analyze data on a bar graph. 3. construct a histograph and display data on a bar graph. 4. read and interpret a bar graph and histogram.
 graph paper, coloring pencils, rulers, supplemental worksheets, thinking map (double bubble)
 Presentation of information: Teacher will display a bar graph and a double bar graph. Ask students to describe the differences between a bar graph and a double bar graph. Integration: Social Studies - utilize information on presidents and the states they are from to demonstrate knowledge of constructing a bar graph, double bar graph and a histrogram. Content area reading - Directive reading of vocabulary, information on states and presidents and reading a graph. Technology: Utilize internet4classrooms to review and introduce bar graph, double bar graph, and histograms.
 Using internet 4 classrooms, students and teachers will look at website and as a class view and interact with the website to gain knowledge of bar graphs, double bar graphs, histograms and stem and leaf plot.
 Students will interact with teacher as she accesses the website. They will completed the different activities, as a group, on the different topics. 1. Students will then start an activity, guided by the teacher, where they will be looking at the states where the presidents lived at the time they were elected to the Presidency. 2. Tell students they will be making graphs to show how many presidents have come from each state. 3. Students will be divided into groups of two( each group will be given a copy of the information sheet, graph paper, and colored bencils, pencil.
 modified assignments, read aloud, peer tutoring
Checking For Understanding:
 Graded assignment, Verbal feedback on questions and answered questions, graded assignment
 Collect papers from students and have anyone that has not completed their assignment come in at another time to complete.
 Graded assignment and student's ability to work with a partner.
Teacher Reflections:

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