Lesson Plan : Forms As A Writing Genre

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 Loz Loco
 World Languages

 Forms and their use as writing Genre
 Students will focus on 'forms' as a genre what is expected from the person filling in the form (ie legibility etc) and common lexis found in forms.
 Student will examine forms to identify the 'genre' style and requirement; complete forms to their individual levels with all preparing draft answers to a 'Hotmail' sign up form in readiness for Friday's class in the computer room.
 Examine the layout, style and lexis in forms so as to come to some common conclusions about what this genre is and requires; complete a chosen form either to work on handwriting specificially (Lower Level) or to be challenged by extended vocab in more difficult forms ie (confidential; concessionary rate etc).
 Forms Dictionaries Print out of Hotmail sign up form
 Pair work - find the words in the pyramid (all words relate to forms). Plenary feedback.
 Preteach - style; format and common words Explain the structure of the workstations and what is required on the form.
 Workstations are set up which have different forms -stds move round the tables and collect information on style, format and common lexis (complete worksheet).
 Monitor work of all students - but concentrate on letter formation with the LL students. Encourage other grouping to refer to one another or dictionaries for unknown vocab. Have a back up activity if the HL group finish early.
Checking For Understanding:
 Pick up on what they notice when filling in the forms - legibility issues; no sentences needed; tick boxes etc. Invite students to consider other times when we complete forms (on-line forms) - who has completed forms on line? Give out Hotmail form and explain they will fill it in on line on Friday. Ask students to complete their own details - match HL / LL students so it becomes a peer activity. Bring attention to name and password issues (especially confidentiality).
 Set up HW task - from now until the next lesson - how many forms (and of which type) do you see.
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