Lesson Plan : If You Were Any Animal

Teacher Name:
 Monie Corona-Desmond
 Grade 3

 If You Were Any Animal, Which One Would You Be?
 Choose any animal, research this animal and create a Power Point presentation containing all information found.
 The goals for this lesson is to have the students work independently to gain research abilities and to implement their knowledge when using Power Point. The students should be able to successfully research a chosen animal, use numerous methods of research (internet, encyclopedia, etc.) and to create a Power Point presentation presenting the findings of their research.
 To successfully complete a Power Point presentation with working links and sound bytes. To develop an understanding of different research methods available to students. To use creativity when creating their Power Point presentation.
 To complete this lesson, students will need a computer, Power Point software, and access to the internet. They will need to be able to visit the library frequently and have access to magazines and encyclopedias.
 In this lesson, I will be focusing on extending the students science knowledge by having them choose an animal. They will be required to research their animal and create a Power Point presentation which will include their findings.
 I will take the students through what I will require from them and hand out a flow chart (it will include steps to complete the project), I will also hand out questions they will want to include in their presentation. I will hand out a rubric so that they will understand what their presentation must contain, and finally I will hand out an example of a Power Point presentation that I completed so that they can see what one could look like.
 I will accompany them to the library, and with the help from the librarian and myself, we will help the students find as much information as possible on their chosen animal. If we have a lab in which the students will be able to complete their Power Point, I will supervise and make sure that the students understand how to correctly use Power Point and help them as needed.
 I will make accommodations for students if they cannot find enough information on their chosen animal. I will have them maybe find different information, or if time permits, have them choose another.
Checking For Understanding:
 The class, before we go to the library, will have a discussion on their progress, and what they like or dislike about the project.
 When the project is complete, I will have each student hand in a printout of their final project, and once they are graded, I will make packets with each student's presentation included, and hand them out to the students.
 To measure their progress and assign them a grade, they will have to specifically follow the rubric that I will hand out to them. The students will fully understand what is expected from them, and they will understand why they recieved the grade they did.
Teacher Reflections:
 After this lesson, I hope to be able to have had the students learn basic facts about their animals and when the packets are handed out, I would hope that they would learn about many different animals, and how they each live.

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