Lesson Plan : Learning Spanish

Teacher Name:
 Miss Powell
 Grade 2
 World Languages

 Getting to know some spanish
 We will be learning about colors, animals, and we'll go through some others. Also make sure to get to answer the questions of the students.
 Get the students to understand just a little bit of Spanish
 Make sure to be using words, do picture guesses. Make sure to have them ask questions. Maybe try a bit of a "jeapordy" game.
 Use translators, make transperancies sheet.
 "In this lesson, we're going to go a bit south of the border. Aye, yae, yae, aye, yae! We're going to be learning about sombreros, burritos, senoritas, and muchachas! If you really pay attention, you will be able to talk like a gran mexicano*!!! (Great Mexican*)
 Draw the words on the board...make sure to cover up the real word but leave the picture staying.
 Draw things, and practice talking in Spanish.
Checking For Understanding:
 Do you understand? Do you know what you would call _________? Do you want to know any certain word or thing?
 Thanks, and so you know, if you master this language. We can go onto German, Italian, Dutch, anything that you would like. But remember, that is ONLY, and ONLY if you can master this language..
 Judge on assignments, neatness, and citizenship in this certainn area. Don't think that one student is better than the other, because they REALLY would like to learn this language, as good as it can go.
Teacher Reflections:
 I think this will be A GREAT lesson. I think this will entertain, yet instruct.

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