Lesson Plan : Foreign Language Exploratory

Teacher Name:
 Ms. Stacy Swimmer
 Grade 7-8
 World Languages

 German Language and Culture
 Students will review vocabulary and cultural concepts in the target language (German).
 1) Review numbers 0-20 2) Practice asking and answering, "What's your name?" and "How are you? 3)Review this unit's vocabulary words 4) Discuss the Berlin Wall
 Students will: 1)practice the German numbers by working with a partner to complete a crossword puzzle 2) Students will participate in a classroom mixer activity as they ask and answer the questions: What's your name and How are you? 3) Students will review their German vocabulary by playing vocabulary bingo. 4) Students will learn about the Berlin Wall by participating in a read-aloud about the fall of the Berlin Wall.
 1) number crossword puzzle 2) classroom mixer worksheet 3) Bingo game 4) Berlin Wall handout and video
 teacher will introduce today's learning objectives: 1)Review the numbers 0-20 2) Practice the essential questions "What's your name?" and "How are you?" 3) Review the unit's key vocabulary words in German. 4) Learn about the Berlin Wall
 Teacher will model how to peform today's classroom mixer activity, partner crossword puzzle and guide students to highlight the main ideas of the Berlin Wall handout.
 Guided practice: 1) students will practice the questions What's your name? and How are you? by completing the attached classroom mixer activity.
 Students will use highlighters to find the main ideas. Teacher will provide transparencies of key concepts.
Checking For Understanding:
 Teacher will monitor student progress by: 1) walking around the room. 2) asking guiding questions. 3) calling on students to participate in today's read-aloud
 Teacher will restate today's learning goals and discuss the goals for Monday's class.
 Students will have a speaking test next Wednesday a practice pre-test on Thursday and a German unit test next Friday
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