Lesson Plan : The Weather

Teacher Name:
 M. Reynoso
 Grade 9-10
 Language Arts

 Las estaciones del año
 El verano, El invierno, El otoño, La primavera ¿Qué tiempo hace? hace frio, hace calor, hace viento, esta nublado, esta soleado, hay neblina, esta nevando, esta lloviendo, hace fresco, hace buen tiempo, hace mal tiempo, hay tormenta
 1) students will learn the four seasons, in Spanish 2) students will be able to ask about current weather conditions and answer the same 3) students will learn vocabulary related to weather and the 4 seasons
 All students in class will have learned about today's topic at their own pace and according to their individual levels All students will be involved and engaged in class activities
 Chalkboard Smartboard Laptop computer Flash cards Work sheets related to topic with varying levels of difficulty
 The variety of seasons we enjoy in New York Knowing the seasons and being able to express weather conditions is a valuable skill
 Use flashcards to model proper pronunciation while students see corresponding visuals
 Students practice pronunciation based on powerpoint presentation Students work in pairs and practice skills using flashcards
 Flashcards, quiz, and home work assignments will reflect the varying proficiency levels represented
Checking For Understanding:
 Home work assignments will be checked and returned with comments and feedback Students will be praised when expressing correct answers and encouraged when giving incorrect answers
 Students will share out at end of class expressing what they've learned and why
 Did all students learn according to their level and learning style Did all students do their best to give their best during the lesson Provide follow-up solutions to students who did not learn the topic satisfactorily and need additional reinforcement
Teacher Reflections:

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