Lesson Plan : Russian

Teacher Name:
 Maryana Kozak
 World Languages

 September 24
 Hello, I am __________________. Stand up, sit down. Goodbye! Numbers 1-5. Book used Teach me Russian.
 Students will participate in a class where Russian is spoken and the teacher is a native speaker of Russian. Students will practice skills which coordinate with their mainstream course teacher's lessons of the week.
 Students will get to know each other. They will introduce themselves. They will learn the numbers 1-5. Students will participate in a class which is given mostly in Russian. They will respond to body language, and start to learn their very first words and phrases in Russian. Students will learn to follow directions.
 Teddy bear puppet, blocks.
 Teacher says hello and waves. Puppet says hello and waves. Teddy bear puppet shakes hands with students and says "I am Teddy!" Students answer back "I am ____________" Listening and speaking skills. Visual and auditory intelligences.
 Teacher continues with puppet and moves to "stand up/sit down" Teddy puppet moves up and down and students follow. Throughout the lesson, teacher has students practice standing up and sitting down. Students use blocks to build a tower, as teacher counts 1-5. Students join in the counting. Teacher encourages the students, then builds another tower in a different form. Teacher models, students repeat, building and counting. Kinestetic, visual and auditory intellegences.
 Flash cards using 1-5. Listening and speaking skills. Sequencing.
 5 blocks may be too many for the students on the first day. For some students, reduce the number of blocks to 2 or 3. If attention span is low, teach for 7 minutes and take breaks.
Checking For Understanding:
 Assess student's understanding and progress by spending time with each student as they complete the block building project.
 Use puppet to wave goodbye to students as class ends. Students practice listening to and saying Goodbye.
 To be completed after the lesson
Teacher Reflections:
 To be completed after the lesson

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