Lesson Plan : Introduction-Spanish Wheel

Teacher Name:
 Senora Steckert
 Grade 6
 World Languages

 Introduction to Spanish Concepts
 Spanish basic vocabulary and grammar provides students with the necessary information to communicate in Spanish.
 Unit Essential Question: What do you need to know as a Spanish beginner student to initiate a conversation in Spanish?
 Learn basic greetings and farewells Commands often using in classroom Recite numbers 0-31; counting Perform simple math problems (add, subtract, multiply and dividing) Recite Spanish alphabet Pronounce vowels Tell time Read a calendar, tell the date, month Tell the seasons and weather Identify spanish pronouns
 Alphabet: handout, ABC Poster, transparency Calendar: display calendar Seasons: poster and sentence strips Math flashcards Time clock manipulatives Time Handout
 I. Introduction to class A. Teacher Intro. explain education, background, work experience. B. Discuss heritage and experience in learning English C. Explain Course, distribute syllabus D. Explain Class Behavior Expectations E. Display class materials list and items needed for class.
 Discussion with students: 1. Have you ever travel to a Spanish country? 2. Do you have any Spanish friends at school? 3. Do you have any Spanish family members? 4. Why do you want to learn Spanish? 5.
 ALPHABET: vowels, basic spelling CALENDAR INFORMATION: transparency NUMBERS: Counting orally, writing numbers 0-31
 Class partner assigned Handouts Multiple modes of accesing information: oral, visual, written notes
Checking For Understanding:
 Oral questions: alphabet (call out random letters and students identify) numbers (pair share) Calendar (song: recite lyrics)
 Exit pass--How would you say good bye in Spanish.
 Teacher Observation: oral recitation of alphabet w/partner oral recitation of numbers (individually) Game: Matamosca with Calendar (months, days)
Teacher Reflections:

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